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From pre-engineered metal building footings to cantilevered retaining walls and basement walls, we can provide expert design of economical foundations that meet the requirements of your construction project.

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Commercial Building Design

We can provide complete structural drawing packages for a variety of commercial buildings.  We have decades of experience designing corporate offices, hotels, hospital additions, schools, gymnasiums, theaters, retail buildings, and many other types of commercial structures.


Residential Structures

We excel in providing economic structural design solutions for residential structures including, but not limited to: complete design packages of new custom homes, garage additions, renovations, decks/patios, and many more.

If you have concerns about your home and suspect structural issues (cracks in walls, bouncy floors, etc.), we can perform observatory site visits and provide sealed reports detailing our professional opinion and recommended actions.

Building a House


We provide numerous engineering services in the industrial sector.  From pipe support design to new mechanical rooftop frames, we are well equipped to meet the demands of your industrial structural project.

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